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License #0D26864 

Experts on Medicare since 1966

Medicare doesn't need to be confusing


We are a full service agency that specializes in Medicare.  We have helped tens of thousands with their Medicare questions and Medicare Supplemental needs.

We’ve been in business for almost 70 years and have the educated staff to help in all situations.


We are not tied to any specific insurance company.  We work for you.  We will review all your Medicare Supplement and Part D Prescription options and present you with the information.  At that point, you choose.  We can even help you get your coverage set up, should you choose.  We truly believe that education is the best way to help our clients.



You have many options for agents.  You are probably getting contacted by dozens of agents that want to help.  You are in charge, you get to decide who to use and most agents represent the same companies.  The choice is yours.  Our advice is to speak to a Medicare Expert.  One that will review all the different aspects of your personal situation and help point you in the best direction. 

Call us at 1-800-247-9889. 

In business for almost 70 years and working with thousands of Medicare Beneficiaries for a reason. 


What to expect:

When you fill out the request form below or call us, the following will happen:

We will not share your personal information with anyone.

We will contact you right away to have a conversation about your personal Medicare situation.  When you are starting, what other medical coverage options you may have and more.


We will listen to you and take note of your needs and wishes.

We will ask about your goals to use doctors or hospitals of your choice, if you are wanting deductibles on your plan, if you are looking for specific coverage and other questions to help direct you.

We will ask about your prescription use and details to help you find the best Part D Prescription Plan for you.

We will present your options and help you enroll if you choose.

We will always do our very best to be available to help answer any questions you may have and provide the best quality service should you need help with your policy.  We have full time customer service agents that are licensed and ready to help.  Unlike smaller agencies, when you call us with a question or issue - we answer.

We promise to be caring, understanding, knowledgeable and efficient.  We work for you and will earn your trust while providing the best service and products available.  We will educate you and help you get enrolled with the coverage needed, should you choose.

Call us at 1-800-247-9889 or simply fill out the form below.



Can We Talk?
We have the new 2022 Medicare and You Handbook for you!

Nevin and Witt Insurance Services

1600 Mangrove Ave

Chico, Ca 95926


Fax: 530-894-0111

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